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Women's Work

May 18th - July 27th, 219

Women’s Work

Women’s Work features a selection of local and national artists who have collaborated with Full Circle throughout the gallery’s seven year history. Extending throughout the lobby gallery and Full Circle’s third floor exhibition space, this show culminates a year of programming focusing exclusively on the work of women in photography and related mediums.

The multifaceted composition of Women’s Work is driven by the broad range of perspectives from which these artists approach the lens of photographic possibilities in art. The exhibition’s subject matter is vast, including manipulated reflections; cultural rituals; inaccessible landscapes; romantic stagings; abstract assemblages; chromatic still-lives; painterly landscapes; intimate self-perceptions; and portraits of bodies in the act of living. The extreme variety of these meditations is united by a consideration of the photographer not merely as objective recorder but as a subject in complex dialogue with her material. The phrase “women’s work” is thus transformed from a dismissive moniker into a description of the valuable labor of this historically discounted perspective. In focusing specifically on material by women artists from Full Circle’s program, Women’s Work celebrates the poetic nuance, technical fortitude and unique resonance of this distinct, subjective position.

Artist Talks:

June 19th, 6-8PM

June 28th, 6-8PM

July 13th, 3-4PM

Featured Artists: Stephanie Benassi, Lindsay Bottos, Jennifer Bishop, Amy Davis, Regina DeLuise, Amy Finkelstein, Chrissy Fitchett, Helen Glazer, Karen Klinedinst, Erika Larsen, Cathy Leaycraft, Ruth Nuhn, Natalie Obermaier, Lynne Parks, Gina Phillips, Emma Powell, Ginevra Shay, Mary Skeen, Barbara Young.