Curator, Designer, Innovator


About Me

I specialize in multimedia exhibitions that focus on hot button issues in traditional and non-traditional art and history spaces.

Equal Rights are important to me; this is evident in my choice of subject matter, gun violence, the prison industrial complex, domestic violence, and the KKK in the South through the eyes of a white Southerner. By choosing to work within these realms, I have demonstrated that a curatorial power exists and the results of the exhibitions show that they can be impactful in the real world. I curate not because I cannot make art myself but rather, I understand that other people are already saying the same things; they just need a translator.

Museums are different and yet the same; it all depends on the type of a museum. Just like independent curating, the shows in which one can create depend on the space and the community. Community engagement is often the greatest deciding factor in whether or not to have a show, that is if the institution is responsible and on good terms with their surrounding geographic community. 

My style as a curator and educator focuses largely on community, interactiveness, and sustainability. Each of my exhibitions focuses on those three categories, categories that many institutions have yet to fulfill.  

  Before my curatorial work, I organized Juniata Activities Board for three years. The organization was in charge of hiring, contracting, and programming guest artists, musician, and other acts for the school. A large part of the process was meetings with board members, alumni, and other influential people as well as handling the large budget, fundraising, and donations.