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May 9th - June 8th, 2019


The multifaceted composition of Catalyst is driven by the broad range of perspectives from which these artists approach the possibilities of art, discussion, and expression. The exhibition’s subject matter is vast, including science fiction, artifice and simulated reality; chemical reactions and the nature of photography; challenging ideas of masculinity and pop culture; women’s personal trauma and loss; and portraits of bodies in the act of living. The extreme variety of these meditations is united by a consideration of the artists not merely as objective recorders but as a subject in complex dialogue with their material.⁣

Featured artists:

Damon Arhos

Erick Antonio Benitez

Kate Kretz

Ajay Malghan

Daniel Wickerham and Malcolm Lomax

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Ajay Malghan’s  Atom City

Ajay Malghan’s Atom City