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Fathers, Brothers, Sons

August, 2015 - May, 2016

Fathers, Brothers, Sons

Fathers, Brothers, Sons was an all-media exhibition that explored twenty-first century male identity from youth to adulthood.  Eighteen artists looked beyond conventional male gender roles in contemporary society to ask questions on sex, intimacy, domesticity, race, and privilege. 

Forty one pieces, ranging from  sculpture, video, and photography to digital, textile, painting, and performance underscored the male experience from diverse historical contexts, and  geographic regions. Artist, Tracy Kerdman’s  two oil pieces, Just a Bloody Nose and Boy with Fur prompts the viewer to consider two very different experiences for young boys; one condoning violence the other, challenging gender norms.  Many such questions raised by the  artist’s work throw into sharp relief local notions of masculinity. 

The exhibition was held at Space Camp located in the Station North Arts District, home to several culturally diverse communities. Fathers, Brothers, Sons created a space where members of these communities can come together in an open forum to exchange ideas and views on contemporary male experiences.



Aileen Bassis, Christopher Batten, Mike Bennion, Mike Benevenia, Gordon Fearey, Jerrell Gibbs, Alexander Hernandez, Meghan Keane, Tracy Kerdman, Paul Laoughney, Lauren R Lyde, Jeanette May, Richard Munaba, J Noland, Midori Okuyama, Alexander Pergament, Derick Smith, Justin Zachary

Work pictured on the right by Lauren R. Lyde titled  When She Returns

Work pictured on the right by Lauren R. Lyde titled When She Returns

At the opening reception

At the opening reception