Curator, Designer, Innovator

The Power of Yellow

June, 2016 - July, 2016

The Power of Yellow: Hamida Khatri

Hamida Khatri's work is a personal response to being a woman in today's society. Born and raised in Pakistan, Khatri has come against patriarchal boundaries both within and outside of her home country. She learned to understand herself better and began to question her existence. The direction she found led her to celebrating her womanhood which never happened back home. 

Keenly interested in myths and legends from Hindu culture, the Goddess Kali serves as inspiration. Kali is known for her strong womanhood and is worshiped for it. Even though she is known for her destruction, Kali fights against the inequities and injustices towards others. The Power of Yellow is a testimony  to feminine empowerment that Kali has embodied for thousands of years.*

*Taken from Hamida Khatri's artist statement

Hamida Khati's website:

Yellow Heart by Hamida Khatri