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Fractured Boundaries

May 5th - May 25th 2018

Fractured Boundaries

Art is something that one actively choses to participate with; one must notice and acknowledge it to bring it to life. Without the viewer, the art lays inactive like the walls of a restaurant that fall backdrop to the daily journey for a morning coffee. Fractured Boundaries seeks to bring these walls and the art upon it to active this relationship and to spark within the viewers’ mind a sense of spatial awareness not experienced before in Doobys. 

Each artist challenges norms: Katelyn Brown’s textile is sewed together, James Coonce’s assemblage is constructed specifically for the exhibiting wall, Kathleen Hayes’ paper collage is taken apart and brought back together, and Giulia Livi’s objects are turning the 2D into a sculptural piece. All four of these artists use different methods but they all successfully fracture the boundaries of what is considered traditional art. 

Photos: Adam David Bencomo

Kathleen Hayes